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The selection of the dancer is done by DreamBoys Entertainment. However, if you want to book a specific dancer, there is a $ 50 service fee to accommodate the request.

All male stripper shows from DreamBoys Entertainment allow the use of cameras!

Male stripper show in a costume

One of our models comes with an elaborate suit, fireman or policeman being definitely the most popular. The handsome male will undress step by step to reveal his sculpted body to the delight of your guests. Our dancers will then be able to dance according to the requests of the women or men on the spot.

Male stripper show in a towel

One of our sculpted men will unveil and lead the crowd into an erotic dance dressed in a simple bath towel. You can fully enjoy the muscular silhouette of our dancers during his performance.

Slow and sensual dance for groups

Erotic dances are ideal for highlighting an important moment in a woman’s or man’s life, but our services are also suitable for entertaining a large number of guests such as a one night show at a cabaret or a bar.

Bachelorette Party

Create a unique and unusual bachelorette party for the bride. DreamBoys Entertainment allows you to surprise the future bride with one of our dancers at your reception hall or private restaurant section. Create a surprise by introducing one of our artists unexpectedly on the spot!

The flexibility of our services allows you to create a bigger and unexpected surprise than to move to a nude dancers bar.

Erotic dancers for private parties.

Organize a private party in a reception room or at home with one or more erotic male dancers. Our artists will adapt to the schedule of your event and will be able to perform with flexibility for the pleasure of your guests. Discover our erotic show packages including sexy barman services that are particularly interesting to spice up an evening event.